Wise Up Award

Wise-Up! School Awards 2018


School awarded the new Platinum Award


St Gregory's are thrilled to have received the new Platinum Awarf as part of our 'Wise-Up competition entry.  Having achieved Gold for three consecutive years, school decided in Anti-Bullying Week to spread the message throughout our wider community, specifically in partnership with our local primary schools. The new award reflects the school's outstanding work which exceeded expectations.




Warrington Speak Up



Wise up! School Awards 2017

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Pupils and staff attended the  Warrington ‘Wise Up’ launch event on Wednesday 18th October at the Gateway.

The ‘Wise Up’ is an annual awards scheme that looks to recognise and celebrate the excellent work that Warrington schools are doing to tackle the issues of bullying and hate crime.


All the schools who enter demonstrate they understand the importance of creating a safe environment in their school, where children can be free of bullying, especially those who may have a disability, be from another ethnic background or religion, have a different sexual orientation (LGB) or are transgender or gender non-conforming. 


Gold awards are presented to schools which demonstrate outstanding practice.  St Gregory’s is the only school to have secured Gold for three consecutive years. This year we are aiming for the new Platinum award. 


Pupil Reflections





"On our way to the'Wise-up' Award launch, we were priviledged to have a picture taken outside the Town Hall with the Mayor! He came out of a meeting, shook our hands and we have invited him to come to school for our Anti-Bullying Week.  Faisal Rashid is also coming to school." Charlie Appleton (8 More) and Nate O'Connor ( 8 Plessington)


Today we  had the priviledge of attending the 'Wise Up' Award launch event at the Gateway.  Neil Drum, a police officer gave a talk followed by Dave from the Warrington Disabilities Partnership who gave an inspirational speech about his struggles with being in a wheelchair. He said "Life is what you can do not what you can't". Next we picked a song "boys that sing" by Viola Beach.  We chose this song because the drummer, Jack Dakin, in the band used to attend our school. We hased the storyline in our song to be about the 'Wise Up' Award journey.  We had a great morning and we can not wait for the award ceremony in February.  Our application made us feel prepared to achieve the Platinum Award.  Liberty Ratcliffe (8 More)