Mrs Lloyd Head of Department 
Mr Swaine  Maths PP Lead 
Mrs Burns  
Mrs Holman  Numeracy Coordinator
Mr Glover  
Mr P Johnson KS3 Lead
Mr Kennedy  
Mrs Scott  

Curriculum Intent

It is the intention of St Gregory’s Mathematics department to deliver a curriculum that will develop the skills set out in the National curriculum and promote an appreciation of Mathematics as a creative and highly interconnected discipline providing the solution to some of history’s most intriguing problems. Aiming to provide students with a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject together with an appreciation of the beauty and power of Maths in different cultures. 

We endeavour to provide support across a range of subjects with an emphasis on problem-solving and developing Mathematical fluency across the whole school curriculum, narrowing gaps that students may have with the basic numeracy skills essential within everyday life.  

Curriculum Maps

  Foundation Higher

Year 7

Year 10 Year 10
Year 8 Year 11 Year 11
Year 9    

A Guide for Students and Parents