Welcome to the Anti-Bullying  and Hate Crime area of our school website.

As Anti-Bullying  and Hate Crime Ambassadors we believe every member of our school family has the right and responsibility to ensure everyone feels respected, cared for and safe. We encourage everyone to work cooperatively so that we all understand these terms, who to turn to for support and what happens if incidents are reported.




Our aim for Anti-Bullying week was to work collaborately with our Primary partners to raise awareness with our local community.

Activities throughout the week are highlighted in the Anti-Bullying Leaflet produced with 'The Net' our school newsletter.


Opening Ceremony

Monday 13th November 2017 saw the launch of National Anti-Bullying Week and therefore an incredibly busy and exciting Anti-Bullying week in St Gregory’s. This year we had chosen the theme “All Different, All Equal, No Bystanders” and as a school we had decided we would aim to spread our message throughout our wider community, specifically to our local Primary Schools. We began our week with a wonderful launch event and collective worship with Year 7 and Year 5 and 6 from Sacred Heart, one of our Partner Primary Schools. We were also lucky enough to welcome Counsellor Les Morgan, Mayor of Warrington who opened our week by cutting our Anti Bullying Ribbon.


We used the 75-minute celebration to launch the week and introduce the events and projects which were going to be happening through the week. We were all excited to hear about our theme, our Hero Box and the Awareness walks and Primary Assemblies which were happening throughout the week. Cheshire Police delivered a wonderfully informative talk about Hate Crime and Bullying, we are blessed with fantastic support from PCSO Ashley McAdams. In celebration of being an individual and allowing everyone to be themselves we were all entertained by Year 8 pupil Izzy Hackney who is a fantastic impressionist. Izzy ran a gameshow “Guess Who” that was a real moment of comedy and entertainment for all of us.


As we reached halfway through the celebration we were joined by Sacred Heart pupils and staff. We all listened to special memories about Jack Dakin, a former pupil who left a wonderfully positive footprint at St Gregory’s. Jack followed his dream as part of the amazing band Viola Beach and was our inspiration for our Anti Bullying song. The song we had chosen was Boys that Sing by Viola Beach, we used it as an anthem all week. Our Year 8 pupils had written our Anti Bullying Lyrics and Sacred Heart had choreographed a brilliant “Wake Up Shake Up” dance, the energetic staff and pupils taught us all the moves and we all enjoyed dancing together.

Once we were all shaken up we had a beautiful acoustic performance of our Anti Bullying version of Boys that Sing. Our wonderfully talented Lois Dewhirst of Year 10 and Nathan, School Chaplain had worked together to deliver this inspirational and very emotional version. We reached the end of our assembly with a perfect tribute to Viola Beach by Coldplay at Glastonbury Festival, an incredible illustration of just how far our footprint can reach.




Community Celebration

Our memorable Anti-Bullying Week ended in a huge Year 7’s community celebration where we were absolutely thrilled and honoured to welcome special guests from our wider community:

  • Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
  • St Paul of the Cross Catholic Primary School
  • St Philip (Westbrook) CE Aided Primary school
  • St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School
  • Faisal Rashid MP for Warrington South
  • Lisa Leonard, Mum of Kris Leonard of Viola Beach and Sharon Dunne, step mother of River Reeves (Viola Beach) representing the River Reeves Foundation.
  • Sergeant Helen Hayes, an ex-pupil from St Gregory's representing the police who have supported us all week
  • Counsellor Paul Warburton another special guest who has a long relationship with St Gregory’s
  • Wayne Simpson from Touchline who had provided our extra special Anti-Bullying hoodies.

Our final surprise guest who brought endless excitement to our pupils and staff was  another ex-pupil we are all incredibly proud of, Mo Adeniran,  who has followed his dreams and talents to become the winner of ITV’s The Voice 2017.


We all joined together as one huge community and reflected and celebrated all the amazing work and activities which had happened throughout the week. We were led by the super talented pupils and staff of Sacred Heart in the “Wake Up Shake Up” dance, hopefully we had it a little more perfected by this point! It was a pleasure to share again our wonderful memories of Jack Dakin and take inspiration from the positive footprint he had left on us. Pupils took time to share their own special memories about staff who had really left a wonderful footprint with them through their time in both Primary and Secondary School. Excitement levels reached fever pitch when Mo spoke to everyone about celebrating being unique and embracing the special person we all are. Finally Faisal Rashid MP addressed all our amazing pupils and shared how proud and inspired he was by the work that was going on, he spoke about bullying and hate crime and the damage it does but also the difference our young people can and are making in our community. A truly inspirational morning could only be ended one way, Coldplay and Viola Beach.  We are determined to spread our positive footprint into the world and this Glastonbury performance will always make us question “how far can my footprint reach”.


We spent the afternoon talking with our visitors and planning ways to continue the momentum of our Anti-Bullying work. We were joined by David Keane, Police Commissioner for Warrington who had followed our week closely. Mr Keane shared some very inspirational feedback and plans with us. We are now busy working to carry on our message and continue to grow and evolve the Anti-Bullying Ambassador work both in St Gregory’s and our wider community.


We would like to thank all pupils, staff, parents, governors and extra special visitors who were part of our week, we are incredibly lucky to have these special partnerships. We now just have to ponder the question “What can we plan for Anti-Bullying Week next year?”


Mrs Peace and Mrs Dolphin


Anti-Bullying Booklists

Don't forget to look at the Shelf Help booklists in the LRC and on the website.  The Book Trust have also produced an Anti-Bullying booklist.