Religious Education



 Mrs Sherrington  Head of Religious Education/ PSHE Lead
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Subject Progress Guide for Parents

Curriculum Content Map

As a Roman Catholic School Religious Education is the lynchpin of the curriculum.  Pupils are encouraged to explore their own faith and the faiths of others.  They are given opportunities to take part in retreats and to visit places of religious significance.  In St Gregory’s the Religious Education team teach our pupils a way of life not just an academic subject.  We address both the academic and the spiritual guidance of children on their individual journey of faith.


The RE Team

There are seven RE Teachers in the school.  We are all practising members of the Roman Catholic faith and the team also has a wealth of experience in teaching about world religions. The staff in the department have over 100 combined years teaching experience and are all dedicated to teaching about and being a living example of the Roman Catholic Faith.

Key Stage 3 Overview

At KS3 pupils are taught the curriculum recommended by the Archdiocese of Liverpool (outlined below) which gives pupils a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, the modern role of the Church, the sacraments, the links between religion and science, prayer, the concept of vocation and world religions (Judaism, Hinduism and Islam).

All pupils are regularly set homework in RE and there is an expectation that it is always completed to the best of the pupil’s ability.  Pupils also complete an assessment every half term so that their progress is checked regularly and intervention put in place to assist pupils who require additional support.

Key Stage 4 Overview

Religious Studies GCSE is compulsory in St Gregory’s. Pupils in Year 10 and 11 complete a GCSE Qualification in RE and our results show us achieving above national levels year on year and last year approximately one third of all our students received a grade A*/A at GCSE.

We study two units across two years and pupils have a 100% examination assessment at the end of Year 11.


Unit 3 – Religion and Life based on a study of Roman Catholic Christianity. This unit requires students to study the relationship between Roman Catholic Christianity and life in the UK. There are four sections covering believing in God, matters of life and death, marriage and the family and religion and community cohesion.


Unit 8 – Religion and Society from the Christian and Muslim perspectives. There are four sections in this unit covering rights and responsibilities, environmental and medical issues, peace and conflict and crime and punishment.






Believing in God

Rights and Responsibilities


Matters of Life and Death

Environmental and Medical Issues


Marriage and the Family

Peace and Conflict


Community Cohesion

Crime and Punishment

RE and Chaplaincy

We also work very closely with the Chaplaincy team to ensure that pupils fully experience what it is to be an active member of a Catholic community.  We do this through collective worship, assemblies, fundraising activities, liturgical services, masses and prayer.  We believe that we should meet each young person wherever they are on their individual faith journey and encourage them to embrace their own and others beliefs.


 We try, as best we can, to deal with the small and the big questions that our pupils have about life and we work tirelessly every day to prepare them to take their place in God’s world as He calls each of us to do.