Pupil Premium Expenditure

Pupil Premium at St. Gregory’s Catholic High School Academic Year  2017-2018

Pupil Premium Financial Allocation and Pupil Premium Numbers

Total Number of Pupils on Roll


Total Number of Pupils Eligible for Pupil Premium Grant


Pupil Premium Grant per Pupil


Total Pupil Premium Grant Received

Key Priorities Expected Outcome
  • Reduce barriers to learning and academic success for disadvantaged pupils.

  • Narrow the gap at KS3.

  • Ensure consistency across the school in terms of marking, feedback and differentiation.



  • Improve academic performance of Pupil Premium Pupils.

  • To narrow Progress and Attainment gaps between Pupil Premium and non-Pupil Premium pupils.

  • Continued improvement in attendance of Pupil Premium Pupils.
  Pupil Premium Expenditure Allocated
1.1 Attendance SLA £3,500
1.2 Careers Guidance £5,215
1.3 Literacy Coordinator (Initiatives such as 'Small Group Reading') £4,500
1.4 SISRA for Academic Analysis of Vulnerable Groups £1,194
1.5 Alternative Provision £8,000

 SLE Support for Departments

1.7 Literacy Assistant (Working with key students 1:1) £19,000
1.8 Faculty Bids £20,000
1.9 School Comms £2,587
2.0 SLT Pupil Premium Lead and outcomes £7,000
2.1 SLT lead for Monitoring of Progress Data £5,000
2.2 General Pupil Welfare e.g. Uniform £500
2.3 Pupil Premium Support Manager/Parent Liaison £9,650
2.4 External CPD provider with specific focus £600
2.5 CPOMS£2,587
2.6 Expert teachers to accelerate progress£13,500
2.7 Weekend Intervention£687

Total Expenditure