In addition to activities below the Learning Resource Centre is open to all students Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. -4 p.m.

 Autumn 2017
   Activity Year  Teacher   Room
 Monday Band Night 8/9 Music Staff Practice Rooms
  Cheerleading All  PE Staff  Sports Hall
  Fitness All PE Staff  Sports Hall
  Netball 8-11 PE Staff Netball Courts
  Reading Club 8-11 Mrs Mason  LRC
  REVIVE Group All Mrs Sherrington G27
 Tuesday Fitness  All  PE Staff  Dance Studio
  Netball 7  PE Staff  Sports Field
  Rugby League All PE Staff  F16
  Science Club All Mrs Bintliff G3
 Wednesday Football Fixtures  All PE Staff  Various locations
  Music Technology Club 9/10/11 Music Staff G28
  Netball Fixtures All PE Staff  Various locations
  Reading Club  7  Mrs Mason LRC 
 Thursday Basketball All PE Staff Sports Hall
  Rugby League  All PE Staff Sports Field
 Friday Musical Theatre Company  All  Mr MacKenzie/Mrs Eames  Drama Theatre