Exam Information

Congratulations Class of 2017


Exceptional Performance by Year 11

We are delighted to report exceptional performance in this summer’s examinations across a wide range of subject areas.  The Year 11 pupils have really worked hard with our staff and performed to a level that will open many doors to them as they move forward to their next stage of education and career path.


Our combined English and Maths C equivalent and above is 77% which is a 23% increase on last year. 

80% of pupils achieved a C+ equivalent in Maths and 86% achieved a C+ equivalent in English Language.


The Science team have broken their own exceptional records by improving on last year.  Chemistry achieved 98% A* to B grades, Physics was 88% A* to B and Biology was 96% A* to B – with all Sciences achieving 100% C+ grades.


Modern Languages have once again achieved very high results and have performed well above national and History and Geography have also performed well above national.


Our outstanding performance arts departments have maintained their high performance by achieving 80%+ in both Music and Drama.  Art has once again achieved 100% C+ with 72% of pupils achieving a B+.


All staff and governors associated with the school are delighted with the outcome the pupils have achieved and we wish them all the best with the future studies going forward.


As head teacher, I am very proud of the achievements of the pupils and staff and we look forward to a new academic year.


Mr E McGlinchey