Exam Information

Congratulations Class of 2018

Everyone at St Gregorys is extremely proud of the achievements of our class of 2018 students this year who will now successfully go on to the next stage of their education and training. We are delighted to have attained over 300 of the new top grades of 7 to 9 with over 70 grade 9’s being achieved. Chemistry and English in particular achieved a significant number of the highest grade 9’s. 


All of the Sciences, Modern Languages and Performing Arts have once again performed very well to continue their trend of leading the way nationally. 


Overall, the school has performed very competitively and in line with pupils of similar ability levels nationally in this first year of adapting to the new specifications and grading systems across the majority of the curriculum with some exceptional stand out performances.


Congratulations to Jacob Burke who achieved NINE grade 9’s, Charlotte Watson who achieved 8 grade 9’s and Dona Josh who achieved 7 grade 9’s easily putting them amongst the highest performing students in the whole country


Ed McGlinchey