Chaplain: Nathan Whitlow

"I am very blessed to be able to return to my old high school in the role of Chaplain.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a pupil at St Gregory's and look forward to what the future holds in my new position."

Chaplaincy News 2019

Year 7 Chaplaincy Team

We have recently formed a Year 7 Chaplaincy team that will meet every Monday in the Chapel for meetings and begin brainstorming ideas for charity and fundraising events this term.


Year 8 Chaplaincy Team

After a very busy Autumn Term, Year 8 Chaplaincy will begin this term by running events for Holocaust memorial week as they continue their Faith in Action award this term.


Year 10/11 Chaplaincy Team

This term, the Year 10 and 11 Chaplaincy team will continue their work with Nathan on developing ideas for the layout of the new Chapel, as well as their continued work in Form and Year Group Collective Worship. This experience will be very valuable for their Faith in Action award.