Welcome to the Anti-Bullying  and Hate Crime area of our school website. As anti-bullying  and hate crime ambassadors we believe every member of our school family has the right and responsibility to ensure everyone feels respected, cared for and safe. We encourage everyone to work cooperatively so that we all understand these terms, who to turn to for support and what happens if incidents are reported.




Current Projects

This year we have a brand new Y7 Anti-bullying and Hate Crime Core Team.  This group has two representatives from each form. Our aim is to prevent bullying and hate crime in our great school.  We will be making posters and putting them up in all of the toilets around school.  The first set will be explaining the differences between hate crime and bullying.


Olivia Pennington (7Julian)



Actions from last meeting

  • Source plastic display frames for the H8 Crime raising awareness posters
  • Design new H8 Crime poster to be displayed in the toilets
  • Make more Anti-bullying badges

Next meeting Friday May 5th, 2017 10 a.m.

Wise up! School Awards


This is a Warrington initiative which aims to celebrate the excellent work that schools are already doing to tackle bullying and hate crime.  The project is run by Warrington Speak Up on behalf of the Warrington Hate Crime Partnership and is supported by Cheshire Constabulary.


To receive a Bronze Award there would need to be evidence of a good understanding by students of relevant issues in school.  Silver would also include evidence of projects being undertaken and Gold would equate to the school being a beacon for good practice in which understanding and tolerance are an identifiable part of the culture because of previously undertaken or ongoing initiatives.


We are the only Warrington school to have won the Gold Award for the third year running! 

November is always an incredibly busy but absolutely crucial month for the Anti Bullying Team as each year we embark on making Anti-Bullying Week more productive, enjoyable and ultimately more successful that the year before. This year our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors had chosen the theme “It’s good to tell…” working on strengthening the message that St Gregory’s is a “Telling School” a message which we cannot impart enough importance on for pupils, staff and parents.


Preparations for the week began as early as September with the choosing of the theme and the design and manufacture of our own pens echoing the message “It’s good to tell”. We developed and expanded our core team and were lucky enough to establish a wonderfully talented, responsible and enthusiastic team of Year 8 pupils.  Working with the pupils we decided our Anti-Bullying Week should be centred on our specially designed “Telling Box”. At the request of the Year 8 core team the box was redesigned to look like a traditional red post box where people could not only tell to share their worries but this week we should focus on “Yelling” about all the good things that happen in our school community. We decided to post thank you messages which would be delivered to the person we wanted to thank, along with one of our special pens, a chocolate treat and most importantly a thank you postcard home; allowing parents to celebrate with their child.


Motivated by the developing ideas the core team asked if they could produce a short original drama to share in collective worship about the importance of telling and the support pupils have within St Gregory’s. The group of 12 girls worked incredibly hard on the piece and staff were immensely proud of the mature and sensitive way the girls worked together in their social time developing and rehearsing their piece. It was this drama which began collective worship for both year 7 and year 8 leading us onto excellent and varied assembly for each of the year group. We were also privileged to welcome back Sarah Driscoll a former pupil who spoke to all of our year groups about her experiences in school and beyond and the footprint that St Gregory’s has left of her life.


Throughout the week we ensured hate crime remained a focus to pupils across all year groups. We were lucky enough to have additional assemblies given to all Year 8 and Year 9 pupils by Cheshire Police. Wednesday morning also saw the arrival of the Hate Crime Police car parked up in our central courtyard for all pupils and visitors to our school to see. The created a real buzz around school and initiated many conversations regarding hate crime and bullying.  


A crucial part of Anti-Bullying Week each year is our annual questionnaire to every pupil in the school.  We ensure each year that we ask identical questions and all data is interpreted by the same member of staff to ensure accuracy. From the completed questionnaires we can compile our important statistics which allows us to measure the impact of our work. The questionnaires are also a vital tool in identifying pupils who do feel they are being bullied and also those who wish to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Every child who ticks either of these boxes is then spoken to and will then work with members of staff.


Finally, our amazing core team deserved a huge thank you and also an opportunity to build relationships in the team and of course celebrate. Each year the Into Film festival works alongside Anti-Bullying week across the UK. This is a festival showing appropriately themed films to support Anti-Bullying week. Our ambassadors were taken to watch either ‘Finding Dory’ or ‘X-men Apocalypse’. The morning was a huge success allowing the team to celebrate together and will also allow us to continue discussing the themes raised and bring them back to our ever evolving work with Anti-Bullying in St Gregory’s.